Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hike to Månafossen

Today I joined a hike to Månafossen  which is a waterfall located at the head of Frafjord, about an hour from Stavanger.

This is a view from the bus on our way there. I was feeling pretty car sick as the road snaked around the mountain.

From the parking lot to the viewing point is only about a 15 minute hike, though there are lots of loose stones and some steep places with steps and chains. Its an amazing site once there though - its considered one of Norway's most beautiful and magnificent waterfalls. The waterfall has a free fall of around 92 meters. 

Here are links to two videos:

Afterward we hiked further up the hill, and into the valley behind towards the hut you see in the picture below, where we had lunch. As you can see, summer has not quite arrived yet. 

Finally we headed back. Not a difficult hike overall, but a nice one with some good company.

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