Monday, 29 March 2010

Biking time

I've decided its time to get healthy and since the free Statoil bus is not running during the Easter break, its also a good way to save some bucks! So out with the bike and on with the 13km ride to work!

So down I went to the basement in all my gear, only to discover my tires were completely flat - damn! So now I had to go looking for a pump to buy. After buying one and pumping the wheels I then remembered I didnt have a lock for my bike. Now I know I'm in Norway and only riding to work, and there is an underground garage, but I still feel pretty paranoid to leave my bike unlocked (as one of my colleagues does). So for a second time it was off to the sports shop to buy a lock - a huge reinforced monstrosity of a lock - but now at least I could rest assured my baby would be safe.So much for saving bucks....

Getting to work was the next challenge. 13km is quite a distance and knowing which turn to take is not always straightforward. Luckily for me I asked another biker who was heading in the same direction, so could just follow. Its quite a scenic route going out of Stavanger and around the Hafrsfjord which is a stretch of coast, before heading past some farmland and then into the industrial area called Forus where Statoil is headquartered. As one bikes along the coastling you come across the Three Swords Monument which is quite striking:

The three large swords stand on the hill as a memory to the Battle of Hafrsfjord in around 872, when King Harald Fairhair gathered all of Norway under one crown. The largest sword represents the victorious king, and the two smaller swords represent the defeated kings. The monument also represents peace, as the three swords are stuck in the hill to never be used again.

On the way I came across a BMX course and since it was the weekend I thought I would give it a try. Check out my video here

Unfortunatly, there was also pain. As I was heading home I went down a steep street with a sharp turn at the bottom. It would have been fine but for the small stones that are put on the ground when it was snowing to improve grip. Now however, these same small stones make it very slippery and as I came around the corner, my back wheel slid out under me and I went skidding along the road (luckily a rather quiet back street). It was quite a hard landing, but it was only my arm and leg that scrapped along and I didnt notice much at the time. However, when I got home at took my shirt off, this is what greeted me:

Quite nasty looking! It was actually a small hole! As I didnt have any detol or bandages at home I had to go to the emergency clinic to have it cleaned up. What a sweat! But Im glad I did since now it is looking much better.

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