Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Stavanger celebrity :-)

Today I was on the front page of the local paper as well as pages 81-83! (yes, I think it is difficult to fill a local daily newspaper in Stavanger :-))  Our team is very international (8/13 are non-Norwegian), so the local paper decided to do an article on us for the Wednesday job supplement. They asked us what attracted us to come to Norway and why we find Statoil a good company. Afterwards we did a little photo shoot which was pretty fun! There was a picture of us on the front page as well as a full page picture on page 81 and a two page picture on the following pages. Below is the web version and I have used Google translator as of course it is in Norwegian, though I must say some sentences come out a bit odd. As I can’t read Norwegian, I don’t even know what the original means either - haha...
Link to translated newspaper article

Its actually pretty similar to what UBS did also. I remember they got the international graduates together and did a little video on why we joined UBS. In fact ironically (I say “it was an easy decision to join UBS...”), I am still the picture for graduate recruitment (see article and top left hand picture)!
Link to UBS graduate site

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