Sunday, 10 January 2010

A little culture

As it is so cold, I decided to put on hold my plan for going to Durham, instead opting for a bit of culture. So off I went today to the British Museum.

Its a truely impressive collection with artifacts from all over the world including iconic objects such as the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, Egyptian mummies and Easter Island statues! Its also (as my feet can attest) quiet impossible to cover in one day. Hence I will go back again tomorrow and seeing how much I can cover, maybe the day after that too. What I found quite nice is that there is a set of free guided tours covering different areas such as Ancient Rome, Money, Art of the Middle East, etc. which last for around 40 minutes each. Although quite brief, I find it quite an interesting way to get the background of what is going on, and then afterwards I can take my time to look a bit closer at the rest of the objects in that particular gallery.

First above the Rosetta Stone which was key to deciphering hieroglyphic as it had the same text written in both the Egyptian script as well as Greek. The other picture is of a set of Assyrian lion gods that were meant to protect the kings palace.

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  1. It is certainly one of the greatest museums. When I went in 1984 I think one of the promotion angles was that it contains ten (or was it 100?) of the world's most priceless objects which included the Rosetta Stone and a Gutenberg Bible. Tried to find more